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Toronto Translations Logo Design


I had a lot of fun with this project for Toronto Translation – a local translation service. With Toronto being in the name (and Toronto being my hometown) I really wanted to take an opportunity to make an iconic identity for the company.

This project was particularly enjoyable for me because I was given complete creative control by my client. When I began imagining concepts for this project I began writing down words that I wanted to incorporate into the final image. The words that came to mind were words that could easily be used to describe the business or Toronto itself:

Diversity. Conversation. Colourful. Friendly.   

The final design, which was happily immediately approved drew inspiration from one of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks, the TORONTO sign in Nathan Philips Square. I opted to take advantage of the three O’s in Toronto and turn them into speech bubbles. The colour palette (also inspired by the Toronto sign) suggests that each person in the conversation is a different colour which speaks to the diversity of the business and of our city itself.

Hope you enjoy!

davemcgregorToronto Translations Logo Design

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